Mental Awakening

is a family business, created by Sarah Dakhili and Javier Cid with the purpose of offering a service that provide alternative approaches for stress, anxiety, depression, and other common psychological and life challenges.

Empowering online therapy service that will support your overall mental health and wellbeing

Our Approach

Our focus and approach is on teaching clients how to heal their emotional and/or physical wounds by calming their nervous system with the power of their mind. We believe that you cannot separate the mind from the body. The cells of the body are merely following instructions given by the emotional brain, which is known as the Limbic system. This part of our brain plays an important role in our emotions and physiological responses. We help you break the norm and shift your unhelpful discernments. As your perceptions change, the messages that your nervous system communicate to your body also change.

Our purpose

is to make a positive impact in the world. We exist to help our clients make significant improvements to their lives and relationships. We provide a space where learning, growth, healing and connection can take place.

Our vision

for our business is to offer a service that will allow our clients to improve their lives by mentally awakening and making what was once difficult, eaiser. Besides individual counselling sessions, we also provide online workshops and other helpful products and services that we envision will assist our clients in their journey towards growth and healing.

Meet Our Staff

Sarah Dakhili

Sarah is the Counsellor and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker at Mental Awakening. She offers MBS Telehealth Services via phone and zoom at Mental Awakening private practice. Her motto is simple: “Supporting clients in creating authentic power within themselves and in turn being able to make what was once difficult, easier”.

Sarah’s interest lies in helping her clients to feel heard, understood and supported so they can start to connect with their true nature and learn to live their lives from a space of love as opposed to fear. She is a great believer that life is a mirror and that our outer world reflects our inner world and once we start to understand that, we have so much more power than we can imagine.

Sarah is passionate about helping clients achieve meaningful connections, assisting them to reconnect and work towards developing closer, stronger and more secure relationships with others. It is her aim to support clients with experiencing a new reference point for happiness and to overcome struggles, feel fulfilled and develop enhanced self-compassion, irrespective of adversity.

For Sarah, life is about growth and expansion. Her focus lies in remaining present with the client while creating a fully open and authentic space where healing can take place. Her approach is to respond to the client’s unique situation, by developing individually tailored sessions that are inclusive of Humanistic Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Art Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and The Polyvagal Theory. Sarah is familiar with Tension Myosistic Syndrome, which addresses chronic pain management, and includes the work of Dr. John Sarno in her therapy. She is also aquainted with compassionate Inquiry, which is a psychotherapeutic method developed by Dr.Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance that we present to the world.

Javier Cid

Javier is the practice Administration Officer and has significant experience in business management. His background is within trades and customer services industry. He has significant interest and passion within the area of life coaching, mental and spiritual wellbeing and living your best life. Which is why he continues to grow his knowledge and expertise within this area. Javier’s moto is: “In order to live a good and happy life, treat others as you wish to be treated”.