What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to a video or phone session between you and your counsellor using a video and/or audio connection, allowing you to access therapy sessions from the comfort of your home. 

This is similar to how you may connect with family, friends or business contacts using programs such as FaceTime, WhatsApp or Facebook, however, the difference is, we use a secure web-based platform called Cliniko, which is designed specifically for health care and allied health professionals. You can read about Cliniko directly on their website.

Where can I access telehealth sessions?

An email with a link to your video session will be emailed to you prior to your appointment. Please note that you will need access to a private space with no or minimal distractions. Choose a room that is quiet, where you can sit comfortably for the entire session and the door can be closed. Ensure there is good lighting in the room. Take notice of the background being shown on the screen to protect your privacy. Ensure the background is suitable and appropriate, such as a bookcase and remove any items that you do not wish to have viewed. Try to choose a location and time where your session cannot be overheard by anyone else.

Are telehealth counselling sessions effective?

Studies have found that the use of videoconferencing technologies to deliver counselling had similar outcome to traditional face-to-face psychotherapy. Across various studies, Telehealth psychological services were delivered using different therapeutic approaches and for diverse client difficulties (e.g. trauma, mood, anxiety). Clients reported high satisfaction with the Telehealth services. When dissatisfaction was reported, it primarily related to technical difficulties, however these didn’t impact overall levels of satisfaction.

what equipment do i need?

You will need a device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Should there be any issues with the sound or your camera or the internet reception, your counsellor will call you on your mobile phone so make sure that your device is fully charged to avoid communication disruption during the session.

If you choose to use your laptop or a computer, you will also need a reliable broadband internet connection, a camera, microphone and speakers. We strongly recommend the use of headphones for privacy purposes and clearer communication.

Please allow time before your scheduled Telehealth appointment, to set up the space, where you will be during the session. Ensure there is good lighting in the room. Set up your camera so that you are sitting squarely in front of the camera lens. Turn off other distractions such as radio or television and ensure you are not interrupted by other people, children, phones ringing or visitors.

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