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Tune in to hear Sarah speak with Felicia on “Let’s Talk MindBody Healing” podcast, about a wide range of topics including why we end up in pain, why values matter in recovery, using neural circuits to recover, the role of personality in creating stress and much more!

In this episode of Our Power Is Within we talk all about the power of rest. Sarah answers questions about why rest is important, what constitutes rest, what we often mistaken as rest, and 7 different types of rest outlined from a powerful Ted Talk by Saundra Dalton-Smith. Do you truly believe you rest enough in your life? Do you prioritize rest? Do you feel well rested all the time? What gets in the way of you creating time for adequate rest? We go deep so check it out. Don’t forget to follow along with Sarah on IG & check out her new podcast where she answers common questions she received from clients and more! 

In this episode of A Quest For Well-Being, Sarah speaks with Valeria on how the human body is an incredibly intelligent vessel that reflects whatever is going on emotionally and mentally. Every day there is more research and evidence on the implausible connection between the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health, and how one cannot work well without the others. 

In this episode of Our Power is Within Sarah speaks about her own journey with eating issues and that in order to heal our trauma wounds and recover the truth of who we are, we must build sense of self – letting go of our false self (egoic notions of who we are) and embrace our true empowered compassionate self. Her motto is to support her clients in creating authentic power within themselves and in turn being able to make what was once difficult, easier”.


In this espisode of The Mind And Fitness Podcast Sarah speaks about her own recovery from TMS and chronic pain, including the impacts of trauma on chronic pain related issues.


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