Who We Help

Mental Awakening supports adults, looking for a premium counselling service to better assist them with overcoming and managing life, work and relationship challenges that contribute towards anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, insomnia, trauma recovery, job loss, grief and loss, eating disorders, relationship breakdown, self-esteem issues, adjustment issues, addiction, PTSD and chronic pain. We also support our clients with work rehabilitation and Workcover related claims. We specialise in Tension Myositis Syndrome – TMS and our approach is based on Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Howard Schubiner’s research.

We also offer accredited Social Work approved, professional supervision for current practitioners using the AASW practice frameworks. Social Workers, Accredited Mental Health Social Workers, Human Service Workers and students welcomed.

Organisations or professionals may seek consultation in the form of clinical (formulation or therapeutic) advice, reports or letters of opinion, training or workshops (on a variety of mental health or workplace wellbeing topics tailored to suit) on a case by case basis.

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Throughout our individually tailored counselling sessions, you will be offered a private and confidential space where you can take time out, open up and gain powerful insight that can help you in making positive long-lasting changes in your personal and professional life. Our sessions help you develop life-long skills to assist you with overcoming your mental health and chronic pain challenges, increasing your confidence and boosting your wellbeing and overall satisfaction with life.


"I started seeing Sarah in 2017 and it has honestly been the best thing that I have done for my mental health. I was dealing with depression and anxiety for many years. I was struggling to understand why I was going through that. Sarah gave me the right tools to de clutter my mind and really understand myself because we tend to ignore our problems and feelings hoping they will naturally get resolved and ago away but its important to be self-aware and mind mindful of your feelings and not ignore them, but to understand them. I don't know where my life wold be right now if I hadn't met Sarah. From the moment I walked into her clinic, she made me feel comfortable, safe and that I am not alone. Thank you Sarah. I am forever grateful to you."



"I was really relieved to discover a Counsellor who is specialised in treating TMS and also has personal experience with the complexities and challenges that are involved in the healing process. Thanks to my sessions with Sarah I have learned techniques that go beyond managing chronic pain."



"My sessions with Sarah not only cured me of my anxiety, depression and physical aches and pains, but they also assisted me with being able to move forward with my life. I feel very lucky to have found a Therapist as good as Sarah."


Gold Coast

"All I want to say is that I no longer see myself as broken thanks to my sessions with Sarah. Healing is definitely possible."



"Dear Sarah, please accept this note as a small token of appreciation and thank you for all the effort, hard work, and care you have given me. The reason I am continuing to thrive today are all because of your gifts of understanding, nurture and care. As we spoke about this over the phone, I have seen tremendous growth in my mental health state. This is priceless to me and I know a simple thank you is not enough. I don’t know whether having you as my Counsellor was out of pure luck or destiny, but I am really thankful for it. Thank you for understanding me, making me feel comfortable, and showing me love and sympathy through my darkest days. I would have not been able to survive those days alone. The positive talks, advice and resources you have introduced me to made a substantial positive change to my life. Today I am at a more stable state of mind and am continuing to evolve and improve, all thanks to you. Your presence has been really momentous in my life and I cannot wait for the future sessions."



"I am so grateful for finding Sarah. She has been such a wonderful support in helping me unlock my healing."