Online appointments are available at this stage only.  To book an initial online session a $140 deposit is required. Alternatively, you can also book through contacting to ensure a booking. Telehealth phone/video appointments are offered on all days during the week.

Please note that we are not a bulk-billing service nor an NDIS provider.

*Cancellation policy – No cancellations or changes allowed within 48 hours of the appointment. Changes to Appointments are sometimes unavoidable and completely understandable. We only ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice of any intention to cancel or change your appointment, so that we can offer that space to someone else that may be in need or on a waiting list.

  • A 50% fee applies for any cancellation after the 48 hour period.
  • A 100% fee applies for any no shows or for people that don’t cancel and don’t show.
  • We consider 2 hrs notice a no show.